I was born in Shreveport, and raised in Stonewall, Louisiana. My favorite toys as a child were playing with leggos and building blocks, which led to my first inspiration to become an architect. In High School, I became interested in business and marketing and hoped I would be able to combine my first inspiration with my new interest in college. While at college those interests evolved into graphic design, marketing, and photography. Photography was a hobby that began to quickly turn into something that was a way for me to make some extra money all the while having fun and meeting new people.
Those early inspirations have become passions that I try to incorporate in all that I do. From my job to my hobbies, everything is revolved around the interests that began as a child.
Now, my areas of focus are word graphics, logos, and inspirational graphics. I enjoy exploring new places, taking adventurous trips, and looking for photo opportunities in all areas of life. I am always looking for new interests and inspiration.